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videoNEXT’s IP video surveillance system has evolved to capitalize on the latest technology and market trends

“As our marketing partner since 1999, Snapp has been instrumental in creating our corporate identity and clearly communicating our evolving products’  features and benefits to our prospective customers, resellers, and investors.”
— Chris Gettings, CEO, videoNEXT

2004 Information Sheets

Based on their 2003 brochure design (below), Snapp updated more than 10 information sheets to reflect videoNEXT’s  latest interface, technical developments, and peripheral options. For easy access by salespeople, resellers, and prospects, the latest updates are hosted here.


2003 Brochure

Faced with an onslaught of new prospects, customers, and resellers, videoNEXT needed a simple “big picture” explanation of their innovative solution. Based on selling points gathered during a meeting with the sales force, Snapp wrote and produced a 4-page, 4-color brochure that coordinates with existing marketing materials.


2002 Brochure



Identity Package (1999)

From top left: Logo, Business Cards, Envelopes, Pocket Folders, Letterhead



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