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At Snapp, we’re marketers first, communicators second, and designers third.

First of all, we are marketers, so we understand that marketing is a numbers game—the more efficiently you can produce and distribute your message, the more (and better) prospects you can get in front of, and the greater your return on investment (ROI). For maximum ROI, you need to get in front of the right people, so your list or media buy is the most important success factor for your marketing promotion. Next most important is the offer, so we’ll work with you to formulate a winning offer. Once we’ve determined your target audience and devloped an offer, we’ll write and produce a sales package for the chosen medium.

Secondly, we are communicators, so we focus on your products’ and services’ features and benefits. We review your existing literature and we talk with you and your salespeople to find out who is buying and why. And then we spell it out, hitting them with “feature-function-benefit” again and again.

And finally, we are designers. We create packages to communicate your message, in whatever medium you need—whether it be a printed brochure or an Internet website, a basic postcard or a giant sign. The package must be attractive enough to stand out from the clutter, but still communicate your offer or benefits in the time it takes someone to decide whether to read it or ignore it. Our design partners have been carefully selected for their cutting-edge styles, which are well-suited for communicating your benefits loud and clear.

Through careful planning and intelligent decisions, Snapp can find many ways to save you money without sacrificing quality. Whether it’s designing mail to get all available discounts or ganging jobs to save on printing, Snapp keeps a constant eye on the bottom line and seeks creative ways to give you maximum impact for a minimum investment.

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