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Develop a professional look and feel for your organization and implement it consistently!

Your logo and branding establish the tone and setting for your business. Are you traditional or innovative? Fun or serious? Do you want to portray yourself as classy and sophisticated or minimalist and inexpensive?

Snapp has worked with numerous small and startup companies, building a logo, style, and branding that is carried through all of their marketing collateral and correspondence. Our Start-Up Special provides a one-stop solution to get everything you need for a consistent, professional-looking brand.

While an attractive logo and consistent branding probably won’t make or break your company, they do help project an appropriate image to your market. Our team of specialized logo designers have created hundreds of logos and will work with you until you are satisfied with your design. Snapp then incorporates elements and colors from your logo into your business card, letterhead, envelope, and website designs to give you a complete, professional look.

If your branding is already established, Snapp will work within your existing design guidelines and produce new materials that are consistent with your other collateral.

Sample Snapp logos & branding


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